Committed to Quality

Our staff of approximately 50 Paramedics, EMT’s, and administrative support answer over 6000 calls for service every year, serving over 450 square miles of Clastop County, Oregon.

Community Involvement

We plan and present community programs for preventative health care, regularly contribute to community events, sponsor youth teams, and provide standby services during large gatherings.

High-Performance EMS

Advanced life support provided by licensed clinical staff. Our staff receives rigorous training and continues education to meet standards higher than the requirements of Oregon State EMS laws.

Now Hiring — Experienced Paramedics and EMTs.

Woodburn Ambulance

Proudly Serving Marion County, Oregon since 1978.


Woodburn Ambulance partners with first responder agencies on the Central Coast to provide 9-1-1 emergency services 24/7. Our team of experienced EMS professionals works with cities, counties, fire departments, hospitals, and government agencies to ensure that patients receive the best service with the highest level of patient care.

To arrange transportation call (503) 982 4699

Patient-Focused, Customer-Driven Care.

Our caregivers consistently make a difference for people in need. Dedicated training and extensive experience allows us to deliver a wide range of services to communities we serve.

Advanced Life Support

Advanced Life Support

Staffed at the paramedic level, our ALS ambulances provide sophisticated medical care by applying innovative training and technology

Critical Care Transport

Critical Care Transport

Our Critical Care Transport (CCT) ground units provide high level care for critical interfacility transfers.

Secure Transport

Specialized transportation for those requiring involuntary care or mechanical restraint.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support

We provide non-emergency care and transportation for patients that do not require advanced life support care.

Wheel Chair Support

Wheelchair Transport

For patients who use a wheelchair, our EMT staff provides clean, comfortable transportation day or night.

Mobile Health Program

Mobile Health Program

This program ensures a healthy transition from hospital to home.